Saturday, July 13, 2013

hair fair 3 brickness

Although Nic's inventory is overloaded with hair i still can't get enough to buy hairs or get free ones. So knowing the hair fair opened 13th of july i was thrilled. But it was so laggy there. I started in the sim brickness, hair fair 3. I found the cute short hair from Hairoin - for the addicted.  And yes i am addicted. I recolored the sparrow darkling hair that i got. In another shop i got the earrings, a gift from Faenzo. So i think this portrait from Nic is a good start to announce you the Hair Fair runs and is always worthwhile to look around there.
I also found hair for men and because there is always lesser for men then for women on the most events i want  inform the guys about the hair that i found. See below. First hair is from Colors and the hair on the last picture is from Damselfly. From both styles you get many hair colors.

The outfit from tjip is the new groupgift at Ydea. I used his Kapone chucks, but you get  black sandals. And because Bob Marley is on the shirt and the cap is in rasta style i searched on marketplace and found the towel in matching rasta colors. The huge joint is from tjips inventory. If you want one, just ask him.

Hair at Hair Fair 3 brickness 2013
Hair:  - Hairoin HF 2013 Dollarbie (1ld)
Earrings: Faenzo at HF2013 - Faenzo Gift ( free)
Hair: Colors at HF 2013 -[COLORS] Free_E ( free)
Hair: Damselfly at HF 2013 - *~*Damselfly Hair Salon Free Gift(Mens) ( free)
Outfit: Ydea - *Ydea* rasta ( free)
Towel: L&H - L&H  :: Towell Around NEck :: Jamaica ( MESH )
From inventory: chucks - kapone (LB)

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