Sunday, July 21, 2013

male shirts

Some shirts tjip wears. They are all free. The motor sport shirts ( in 3 colors) are from Crickets. You can find them in the lucky board. The zebra striped chucks and the jeans you also get. The vintage shirt is from the Boys of Summer event. On one of the pictures you see a yellow motor. It is tjips motor. He got it free at marketplace. The motor comes with a hud for :
-Exhaust smoke
-Customizable colors
-Body, control color, shine, and custom-create colors
-Adjustable seating
-Automatic/Manual Transmission
-Working lights/brakes  Thanks Niclas for the tip about the motor.

Vintage shirt: Glow*mart at BOS - GLO*MART Retro Summer Shirt-Gift (free)
Motor polo shirts, chucks and jeans: Crickets - Crickets " Alejandro" Mesh Polo Outfit ( free)
Motor: New Age Industries -  [New Age Industries] Moto-X ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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