Sunday, July 28, 2013

crying peacock

They are back: BeetleBones and Ohmai. Beetlebones New Release July 2013 and New Store with Ohmai! I am so happy to let you know. I loved Beetlebones designes and the designs of Ohmai. But it was long time silent. When i read the notecard i immediately went to the shop. Picked up the free gift for my blog and a cute bag i bought. But i saw so many nice designs. What to think about the  Delphine sleevless top or the chambray flared skir or.. or .. have a look at the new clothes. I sure will go back for more. You may be know that fox scarf from Ohmai from long ago. I still regret that i didn't buy that one. Hope  Anya from Ohmai will put it in the shop again. I will write her to beg for it.
Congrats Suetabulous Yootz and Anya Ohmai with the new shop.

Oh and about my hair..i saw nice hair from Truth at Fameshed and wanted buy, but then i remembered this hair from Clawtooth that i have in my inventory. But i can strongly recommend the Arianna hair from Truth at Fameshed too.

By the way a crying peacock often means that there will come rain. I discovered that long time ago by myself but the indiens translate the cry "minh-ao" as: " the rain will come". Ofcourse the peacock also cries to warn for tigers or unwanted visitors. The mating season of the peacock is in India along with the rainy season. Because of this the peacocks cry often.

Tank: Beetle Bones - ::BB:: freebie tanks ( free)
Shirt: Beetle Bones - ::BB:: Casual-Tees ( free)
Bag: Beetle Bones ::BB:: Hearts Sling Pouch NEUTRAL PACK
From inventory: Hair - Clawtooth,Pants- Overhigh, Shoes- BSD

P.S.This is Anya's answer to my question:
Anya Ohmai: hey! I'd definitely reconsider making something similar - the issue was that scarf made quite a number of people angry due to the theme of it - which was why I never thought of doing it again. But I'll definitely bear it in mind and maybe consider a more... Politically correct way of making it. ..... I can wait to see what she will make.
Bye bye, Nic

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