Saturday, July 6, 2013

a long way to go

A long way to go or the endless road. Nic is looking as if she is sad on the last picture, but she isn't. She walked with pleasure in her new knotted blouse from the endless summer hunt. She wear a necklace and earrings ( a bit hidden yes, sorry) from N@n@. I found them in the notices of the Fashion Trend group. It was the independence day gift, but i think you can use it every day. The pumps from N-Core i showed before on this blog as well as the skirt from not so bad and the bag from BSD design studio
And later on that day she wears her jeans and white shirt and her new sandals, because i know Soraya is looking for sandals. The sandals are a gift at VG. The red head band i got from someone i met on the road in sl. She had many headbands from a gatcha machine somewhere. The headband is from Pepper.  The jeans is from the closing sale at Blossom ( a reminder for those who didn't go there yet). The blouse an old group gift from Chandelle( still available)

Knotted blouse: Damned Dolls - .:Damned Dolls:.Endless Summer Hunt-Knotted Shirt ( free)
Sandals: VG - VG MARCY WHITE ( free)
Jeans: [Blossom] - [blossom] skinny bitch jeans- light ( 25ld)
Necklace and earrings: N@N@ in Fashion Trend group notices - *N@N@* Bag Independence day GIFT (free)
Pose last pictures: dfo - dfo! [come] you're late and dfo! [free] let go

Bye bye, have a nice walk, Nic

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