Monday, July 8, 2013

fish and chips

Tjip and fish and chips. This harbour is a bit a mess. Everything is swirling around in the water. But the fish is fresh and tastes very good. For fun tjip jumped on the garbage, that floated in the water. he swirled and swirled around. Tjip shows on the first pictures a patterned shirt  from Connors. I think the shirt is already longtime in the subscribe-o-matic there. On the second row of pictures he wears a tanktop from American Bazaar, a groupgift from the She&Him group. Look on the square near the caravan for the gift. Under the tanktop tjip wears a shirt from the freebie corner in the Connors shop. The jeans is from not so bad from his inventory.The scarf and necklace are gifts from Sey ( showed already before on the blog).

Shirt: Connors - *Connors* PATTERNED SHIRT KAORI (free/som)
Tanktop: American Bazaar - [AB] She & Him Men Freebie ( free)
Tattoo: Connors - *Connors* TATTOO001 TRYBAL LIZARD ( free)
From inventory: Espadrilles - Balkanik ( free); Scarf and necklace -Sey ( free); Shirt - Sey ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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