Sunday, July 21, 2013

male heroes

Men in sl love to walk around sometimes as heroes. I saw many men in costumes. See also my post from 20july. I met a fallen god then. You can see him at a picture in that post. And now another heroe. It is my friend Verdant. He showed me his picture and i loved the picture. It is a sexy picture! And the outfit is free. So for the males who love to dress like heroes or for the roleplay lovers. Here is a nice outfit. It was from the lucky chair at MysticHope. The chairs change with different outfits.
Below is the blue version
The blue version is Oasis. An alt from Verdant. Verdant designed this avatar and you can buy the total avatar with skin shape hair and more outfits. Write him if you are interested. Verdant (hyderyasin)
From the national poet, Nazrul, from Verdants country is this poem. I love the poem.

In the ecstasy of creation today
Laughs my face, smile my eyes
Glows my boiling blood
In the brook of my shuttered soul
The roaring tide brings the flood.
Streams laughter, tears together
Freedom comes, unity nearer.
Opens my mouth, heart cries
From bitter sorrows bliss arise........

Warrior outfit: MysticHope  - MysticHope - Dragonslayer Male Red ( freeLB)

And hey fashionistas, hang on. Tomorrow again nice stuff for you on the blog.
Bye bye, Nic

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