Wednesday, July 17, 2013

meeting at the Hair Fair and info for newbies

Today i met Lyanaclement at the Hair Fair. I was there to buy ( hehe what else ) hair. Untill now i visited the Hair Fair for the gifts and dollarbies, but now i bought one that i liked for Nic. And i will buy another one that i want share with you.
Lyana was there in the EMO-tions shop. I loved the top she was wearing and we started to talk. She helped me to several lm's from shops, that were unknown to me. First of all the shop from the top. A sort of fishnet top with shorts. She loves sailing in sl so a fishnet top is perfect. You can buy a set with the shorts ( 150ld) or the same set with boots and hair (350ld) The bra from Nic was from another shop, Augusta Creation, that i never visited before. The  bra is from a groupgift. When you go there you can find many groupgifts ( group join is free).
Nic's necklace and ring are from the fist pump hunt from Sweet Leonard.
Below you see the gift hair from Tameless on the Hair Fair.

Newbie info:
Lyana weared short blond hair. See the picture below that she sended me.
About this hair i can tell you, it is free hair for newbies ( 30 days old or less in sl). So when you want make a new avatar just go to sWEETHAIRs from Michelle Oyen. Also for newbie men free hair. Lyana told me that in the Kastle Rock Couture shop , newbies get a 500ld gift card to buy things in that shop.

Pictures i made at the Nantucket Yacht club. One of the places where Lyana loves to sail away. Beautiful place for boat lovers.
Till we meet again Lyana and thanks for the tips.

Bra: **Augusta creation * - part of *Mistery**Augusta creation ** ( free)
Fishnet top and shorts: IVA - (80) IVA=Argelers 1 (Top & Short)
Hair Nic long - EMO-tions at HF - .:EMO-tions:. * COLLIEN * brown-pack
Nic's hair short: Tameless at HF - Tameless Hair Dori - Naturals ( free)
Hair Lyana: sWEETHAIRs - newbie hair (for avatars  lesser then 30 days)
Necklace and ring: Sweet Leonard - Atooly Hunts Fist Pump Hunt 3 #3 ::LEONARD:: ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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