Tuesday, July 30, 2013

she waited

He promised daisies and bluebells. She waited and ... waited very long time......and...yes he showed up. And he was impressed. She enchanted him.

Brr what a sugar sweet story.
The truth is:  Nic went to a beautiful place to make some pictures and .. she saw a male avatar walking, standing, waiting, sitting with a bouquet of daisies and bluebells. It was clear that he was waiting for someone and wanted to surprise her with the bouquet. Well that weakened my heart. The bouquet was a lovely field bouquet as if he had just picked the flowers in the field. So guys when you want surpise someone here is the link
Nic wears the birthday dress from Analee Balut. A groupgift. It comes with a necklace and gloves and shoes. But i used a necklace and earrings from Maxi Gossamer. Got them some time a go.

Dress: Alb Dream Fashion - Alb Makayla birthday 2013 ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Elikatira ( 75ld) ; Jewlelry - MG

Nic stood there till daybreak.

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