Friday, July 26, 2013

juicy fruity

At the summer break festival i collected many freebies today. . It started with the dress, then the dripping ice,  a summer beach hat and the funny summer glasses. And at the end this funny summer look was born. Nic hopped over to a sunny beach to make the pictures. The towel behind the beach chair is also from the festival as well as the blue bag ( the packet of the summerglasses). The necklace is from OrsiniSun. It will be released at the Fantasy Gatcha Arcade Gatcha. Coming July 31st is "The Fantasy Gacha Arcade Gacha"  Gacha machines are an arcade game where you can get prizes. These prizes will not be available in the designers stores. Items will also be no copy and transfer to encourage trading. Each gacha will have at least one rare item..
The necklace comes with a belt with leaves and a golden leaf bracelet. These items you can use to make an outfit that can be used in a variety of role play scenarios, including but not limited to faeries, Gorean sims, elfish role plays, and even ballets. Read more about this coming event here.

Below you see Nic on the beach camping in a new groupgift top from gO! The bikini is from OrisiniRed

Taxi to Summer Break Festival
Dress: BN at SBF**BN** - beach ( free)
Dripping ice: W&R at SBF- {W&R} Bloody Summer - Popsicle Mouthie -(free)
Summer Glasses: NS:: at SBF - NS::  Summer Glasses Gift)(free)
Hat: GFD at SBF - Gift1 (0-10l$) summer flower hat ( free)
Towel: StoraxTree at SBF - SBF - Gift StoraxTree Beach Blanket  ( free)
Necklace: OrsiniSun at FGAG - OrsiniSun Sweet sacrifice

Top: gO! - !gO! Crochet Top - Orange (wear) ( free/but group join fee 50ld)
Bikini: OrsiniRed - OrsiniRed Mesh Bikini Sorbete Summer, green
Hair: ICONIC at HF 2013 - HAIRFAIR GIFT Freedom ( free)
From inventory: Shoes - Fashionably Dead ( 7 years old prim jellies- woohoo super  you can buy them again. )
Bye bye, Nic

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