Saturday, December 10, 2011

ice skating

Nic was sitting at home thinking about what to do. Then she got an invitation to skate from tjip. She put on her warm norwegian sweater and went to the skatingplace. First they had a good talk sitting there and then put on their new skates from Alb Dream Fashion. And offf they did go swirling around. It was super.

Because it is nice to show male clothings too here, i am proud to prove, that a male avatar can have a great look for free.
Tjips hair is free at Exile. The vest and boots and belt are from Gabriel, all groupgifts. The red sweater is from a modern santa outfit from market place. In that set is also a nice santa hat with mistletoe includedd ( not shown here). The skates were from 2oo9. There also are free skates from 2011 ( but i couldn't get them.. spinning sl problem , i guess )
Nic's wears sweater is from Vinylcafé, a groupgift in the mains store at the moment.

Tjip wears:
Hair: Exile - Exile Stephan/ All or Nothing ( twilight) (free)
Skates: ALB - ALB ICE skates 2009 male by AnaLee Balut (1ld)
Vest: Gabriel - ::GB::Lomited Down_vest ( free)
Belt: Gabriel - GABRIEL GROUP GIFT ( free)
Boots: Gabriel - ::GB:: Leather Bootie Black
Sweater: Stefan Dominica - Red Santa Christmas Outfit with mistletoe santa hat & boots ( 1ld)
Jeans: Santo - :..SANTO..: S_STAR_Jeans__BLACK BOXED
Bag: HOC ( see post from friday 2 december)
From inventory; skin from marketplace Morena

Nic wears:
Sweater: Vinyl Café - Winter Doll Outfit Red Group Gift ( free)
Boots: MEB - part of MEB : Audrey Red Coat Gift (free) from POE hunt search the globe ( free)
Skates: ALB - ALB ICE SKATES 2009 female by AnaLee Balut
From inventory: Jeans from Calypso ( on marketplace now) and free sunglasses SZD

Have skate fun, Nic

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