Sunday, December 11, 2011


Stttt be silent. It is advents time, time for introspection. The snowflakes are falling so softly and silent on the ground. The deers aren't frightened at all from Nicandra, because they trust her and she makes no noise. The light in winter time is so beautiful, with blue and pink, when it is very cold outside.
Nic mostly wears her Laqroki skin. Very pale skins are not Nic's taste, but i am thrilled about this porcellaine winterlook skin. It is as if little snow flakes are on it. Super! The colour of the lips ..awesome.It is from the" where is... Hunt". Find the pink star. Tip watch the roof from the small house with the groupgift.
The groupgift is also a beautiful skin. And in the middle of the shop on a bench you can get the Diamond Is Mine hunt gift ..a skin with wreckles and orange lipgloss ( autumn sphere in my opinion but good to have in inventory )
Nic is wearing one of her favorite dresses, the Vanilla Kiss ( nice name) from Phoenix Rising.
All ofcourse with the frosen pearls necklace and earrings, that i posted before.

Skin; Al Vulo -#39 [:Where is... HunT:] ( Al Vulo! ) ( free)
Dress: Phoenix Rising - -Phoenix Rising- Vanilla Kiss ( 1ld)
Necklace and earrings: PurpleMoon Creation

Kissssss< Nic

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