Friday, December 30, 2011

leather and snake

By accident i came in the Shi shop at Euphoria mall. And was glad to see that some outfits are on sale. I took the one with the leather that form of the shoulders and the details and the texture. But the wrap shorts with the asymetrical python side is sooooo super. The small belt through python loops is so detailed. The drape halter makes all so stylish
The my mom's bag is cute and stylish.
I wear two styles and two colours of the new gift hair from D!va because of 25000 group members.

Bag: Lethal Couture - ::LC:: My Mom's Bag [Nior]
Outfit: Shi - . S H I : L U R E (sale 100ld)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" more than 25000 group member celebration gift ( free)

Tssssss ( like the snake says ) in admiration, Nic


Sorraya said...

a happy new year to you...
realy no joke?
you remember i want this jacket long time but it was so expenif..
now i can not wait the evening when i have time to come online and buy the jacket

i can not belive it.-))

Sorraya said...
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