Friday, December 9, 2011

ready for christmas

Here we are!!! The beautiful Christmas ladies. To help you to find super and inexpensive gowns for your Christmas feast in sl. We enjoyed making these pictures in style. The nice sim the North Pole Sleigh-Ride Adventure is very good for making winter pictures.
Nic is looking at Soraya and it is as if she is thinking hmmmm again alcohol ;)Soraya!!!!! ...noooo Nic also wants a glass of champagne ...
The gowns are from Phoenix Rising just 1 ld each. May be well known.. but we dusted them and they are brilliant again for christmas. Nic's necklace is the groupgift from Purple Moon at the moment. Frozen pearls is the name. Nic wears her pumps from 2R.. a little bit vintage style.

Dress ( black white)-Phoenix Rising- Phoenix Rising- edo's Onjoh-Quilt- White ( 1 ld)
Dress (red) Phoenix Rising - Phoenix Rising Harmonica's Song Red ( 1ld)
Pumps: 2R - R2 "Koaniani" White
Necklace and earrings: PM - :: PM :: Frozen Pearls - Group Gift ( group fee)

Have nice preparation for Christmas, Nic


Sorraya said...
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Sorraya said...

now i try with my bad angisch

it was a little bit cold with this dress but with a glas of champagne is everything ok :-))

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