Saturday, December 17, 2011

killing the time near the lucky board

Hmmmm how dull is this!!!! Waiting and waiting till finally your letter comes up at the lucky board.. Sometimes you're totally alone waiting like i did this morning. So i killed the time trying all the poses from the horse nearby.
I like waiting at a lucky board when there are many avatars around. I edit their clothings and so discover nice free items and new shops. I fear the time when everyone wears mesh. Away is then the time with editing clothings and back times like before: asking ava's that don't respond while away from keyboard or just don't want answer.
And ooooh i remember my hours, hours and days and days standing in Zenith shop ( don't laugh Soraya!!!!!) Wanted to have a sweet blouse in cream..My other avatar tjip has it .. ME NOT. Whenever i am bored and have no plans in sl, i go back there. You will never know.

Anyway this time was good for making pictures from my new boots from marketplace and the shawl from the Moolto hunt at DCNY ( wear Moolto group tag and special Moolto glasses) and the groupgift sweater from Nudolu.
And because i was so bored i even took my christmas hat and my cute raindeer( hunt search a red "A") to show you.

Sweater: NuDoLu - :NuDoLu: Merry happy group gift 2011 (free)
Boots: EY - Alaska Shearling Bootie (with resizer)by EY ( 1ld)
Shawl: DCNY - DCNY_Perfect Scarf_Holiday [BOXED]( free)
Christmas Hat: {Lemon Tea} - {Lemon Tea} Reindeer Christmas Hat (free)
Raindeer: IWK -STAH 47#iLL WiLL KIDS ( free)

Have luck, Nic

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Sorraya said...

hahaha...dont cry..
many many hours you are waiting in zenith shop .
i understand you.
i was waiting the jacket in bukka shop..i was angry because i was waiting so long and other girl was more qickly.
and the result. i got the jacket but the problem all day was ..
what should i wear to....:))


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