Monday, December 19, 2011

lunch atop a skyscraper

First picture is not "atop a skyscraper" but Nic as an angel in the painting of Leornardo da Vinci at the Cappella Sistina ( Sistine Chapel) in Rome. As angel she is even higher then a skyscraper.
The next pictures are from the famous photo from Charles C. Ebbets made in 1932 on the 69th floor at the Rockefeller Building in New York during the last month of construction. The men eat their bread.. and Nic eats her gingerbread, fitting to this christmas time. " Oh my... is this deep!!! is Nic thinking looking down.
The pictures i made at ART BOX. In the art box you can choose all sorts of famous paintings and put yourself on a poseball and join the scene. I can recommend it to you for making funny pictures. There are two levels where you can choose a picture. Click on it and you will teleport to the scene.

Streets and a city are good surrounding for showing you this gorgeous streetwear from Jo Faith from T-Zone. Found it on marketplace ( thanks to Iris lady.radikal). And see what you get: hair with mesh cap, jeans with super detailed belt, necklace with women/men sign a SUPER nice bag with cute gloves hanging over it, well-made jeans and boots ( uggs-like). So worth paying for!
On the pictures i show you also parts from another total outfit: the brown sweater with collar and scarf and the earmuffs. Both are promotion sales.

Outfit with bag and hair: T-Zone FALLS complete outfit hair/ugg/bag/ bxd ( 99ld)
Brown outfit: T-Zone - T-Zone Winter Chocolate complete jeans outfit bxd (99ld)

Enjoy art and grazie, grazie molto Jo and Iris, Nic


Sorraya said...

wow ..real great Pictures :-)

Nicandra Laval said...

thanks Soraya

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