Thursday, December 22, 2011

day and night at the sawah

Day and night at the sawah ( wet ricefield). Days when the colors are smaragd green and gold. And the nights when you hear the suling ( indonesian flute) from far away somewhere and the noise of the animals in the night....All so mysterious and mystic.... i am longing to be there now in RL in my beloved Indonesia.
This marvelous place in SL at the Japan Chubu Sim reminds me of this all.
The more smaragd gold glow of CentoPallini jewels, fit to the day sphere and the goldish shine on my silvery gown.
When the nightfalls i wear my diamond jewells, when my dress shines totally silver.
About gowns i am not blogging so much. There are very good blogs about gowns. I prefer the blog of Annough Lykin. She shows many gowns on marvelous pictures. Have a look. Big compliment for her.
The gown is from Sacha's Designs. It is the gown designer Sacha Frangili gives all avatars free because she won the Avi Choice Award Favorite Womens Apparal 2011. More skirt possibilities.

Gown: Sacha's Designs - SAS - Avi Choice Awards 2011 Gown ( free)
Necklace: CentoPallini - *CentoPallini* KEY NECKLACE (free)
Ring: CentoPallini - *CentoPallini* MOONLIGHT RING (free)
Earrings: CentoPallini - *CentoPallini* MOONLIGHT EARRINGS (free)
Necklace: GS -The Golden Fleece - Giselle Necklace ( 10ld)

Congrats and thanks Sacha and selamat pagi dan selamat malam, Nic


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