Saturday, December 10, 2011

hurry hurry hurry

Here you see Dancer. Dancer often gives me very good tips to find good freebies and dollarbies. She wrote me this evening and told me about the reopening of Connors. Because of the reopening of the shop you can get all clothings for 50lindens or 100ld. AND I TELL YOU THERE IS VERY VERY GOOD STUFF THERE!!! But it is just from Dec.9th 8am - Dec.12th 0am SLT 2 days.
So hurry hurry hurry.
Then Dancer asked me "did you find the 1 ld items there?". i said: "no not yet , because i was making a post on the blog".

Then she helped me with this list:
[12:30] Dancer Nitely: the links will point the way, but won't take you to the items
[12:30] Dancer Nitely: *Connors* PANTALOON ENSEMBLE Bl/Wi
SleeplessMUSIC (202,111,1735)
SleeplessMUSIC (214,25,1712)
SleeplessMUSIC (197,72,1724)
SleeplessMUSIC (187,233,1729)
*Connors* Layered Tank top -CUCCA
SleeplessMUSIC (139,231,1707)
SleeplessMUSIC (205,137,1735)
*Connors* Short Tank See-through LOOK VIOLET
SleeplessMUSIC (183,54,1729)

It can help you to find all.

Dancer is wearing:
Baggy pants: Connors -*Connors* PAINTER BAGGY BLUE ( 1ld)
Shirt: Connors -*Connors* PATTERNED SHIRT TRUN ( 1ld)
Skin: [VoiD] - Candy ( old freebie - not there anymore)
Hair: Amacci - Adena ~ Jet Black ( free)
Shoes: Machienenwerk - Chucks from ::Maschienenwerk:: ( now at Santo )( free)
Tank: Woe - Dragon Tank (Grey) old freebie

Tjip is wearing:
Suit: Connors - *Connors* MODS STYLE JACK ( 1LD)
From inventory: shoes Coco (outlet 25 ld)

Nic is wearing:
Ensemble: Connors - *Connors* PANTALOON ENSEMBLE Bl/Wi ( 1LD)

Thanks Dancer, Nic

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