Monday, December 19, 2011

midnightmare mania before Christmas

Here in Holland we say when you get a present: " don't watch in the mouth of a given horse". This means when you get something you must not be too much critical about what you got. And yes may be i have to think so about midnight mania presents. The green boots are from a midnight mania at Death Row Designs. They are AWESOME. So that is not the point. But sometimes i have this frustration. You want something, for example these boots, because you want blog about them. And then there have to come 200 avatars!!!!!!! Big frustration. Well with help of many groups we managed it for these. But poor you who wants them too. You need again try to get so many ava's there. I hope you will succeed.

But when you can't get 200 there, i have a comfort. These are not so expensive in the shop and there is sale ( 50% you get back when you buy in the mainstore). And another comfort is, that the brown boots (shown on the pitures) are a hunt gift there .

Around these boots i selected outfits. So the green boots with green oversized beanie (from the with love hunt" INDI design). From my inventory a beige green sweater from Gizza (posted before) and i wanted a watch, so i went to Okey. Upstairs is the freebie zone. You need to join the group (free). Many good free stuff for men (super boots also). The segovia suit comes with a watch. Near the freebie vendor is another board, where i got the padded vest.
Around the brown Boots i selected an outfit from Ydea (free join group). The boots are from
And i am thrilled about the hair from W&Y. The name too is appealing to my fantasy: Apollo !! hehe

When you want resize the boots, you need rezz them first in a sandbox and then add the sript. The script is in the folder.

On Tjip with brown boots:
Boots: Death Row Designs - drd patchwork bum boots (hunt- free)look in the garbage bin
Jeans and shirt: Ydea - Ydea Alan ( free)
Watch: Okey - part of outfit SEGOVIA SUIT by OKEY ( free)

On Tjip with green boots:
Beanie: INDI - INDI Designs - Oversized Beanie green (male)( free)
Boots: Death Row Designs - drd bootslazyhunter (MM free)
Vest: Okey - Padded vest for men 1 9 free)
Jeans : Ydea outfit - Ydea Alan ( free)
Watch: Okey - part of outfit SEGOVIA SUIT by OKEY ( free)
From inventory: sweater - Gizza

Hope you have no nightmare before Christmas, Nic

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