Friday, December 2, 2011


To compensate the snow and cold and winter time some pictures of Afghanistan can help us getting warm and think ahead may be for planning vacation in warm regions. The friend of Nic, Nita, visited this beautiful sim with an Afghan Bohemian market. At the landingspoint is a colourful bag with presents in it. The shawl and the earrings for example.. but more is included. On the market you can find the globe from the Peace On Earth hunt. The pink shirt is from that hunt. Colourful clothings: Long colourful Kyrghz and Uzbek ikat coats ( well-known from hippie time), skirts, poncho's and beautiful boots: " Buzkashi boots", you can buy on the market there.The Mosque is like a fata morgana in the clouds. Nita enjoyed looking around.

Shirt: Meena - Meena - pink raw silk blouse w/sash (free)
Earrings: Meena - Meena Afghan Kuchi Earrings ( free)
Shawl: Meena - BoHo HoBo presents "Meena" (group gift)

Khodai paman ( pashto for bye) , Nic

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Laila Laperriere said...

Hi Nic! =)
I have this shawl and earrings to, and I love them, they are beautifully textured.
Take care sweetness

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