Thursday, December 22, 2011

some nice things

No long story. Just happy to show some nice new things. Untill the end of this year the prize of this set from Mandala is just 77ld. After that normal prize. The set includes necklace, earrings, bracelets, ring and nails. Realy a super deal.
The red bodywarmer is from SF Design from a hunt at BellaDiva Velvet Jazz Lounge & Shopping Village. You need find the Vinyl record in the SF Design shop.
The boots are from [Gos]. Many options there are in a menu. In my opinion is Gos a super designer with high quality stuff. It is in the advent calender from Malt.
The cute snowman is from marketplace. The cute bag is from lucky board from Tou Fromc

Boots: Gos - [Gos] Slouch Boots - FESTIVE 4 PACK ( free)
Snowman: Emma's - Emma's Shoulder Snowman: Touch Santa Hat for snow ( free)
Bodywarmer: Sf Design - sf design hooded gilet womens red ( also for men!!!) (free)
Jewelry: [MANDALA] - [MANDALA]Milky Way Jewelry Set /red ( 77ld)
Bag: Tou Fromc - [Tou Fromc*] Santa_Handbag ( free)
Blond hair: Analog Dog - Free ball - Pause Puff ( free)
From inventory: Scarf- Loop de loop scarf remodeled from Jane; tights- Twosome; skirt- Calypso Giano; belt- Gos, Argyle sweater from Blytheriko Noel a japanese designer

Have fun, Nic

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