Monday, December 12, 2011

with love in the dark

"The with love (again)" hunt is going on. I combined a lot of it in these pictures. You need find a small opened box with a heart in it (10ld). With the antlers and the lights on the first picture i feel like a modern madonna.
The skin is from Lara Hurley. I love her skins when she puts them out in hunts. And when making pictures for the blog i like to complete an outfit with a bag. And two shown, are from that love hunt. The fringe one from vive 9 has three possibilities. The tail comes also in neon blue and there is a version without the tail. High quality. From PurpleMoon creations are the boots with the flowers wrapped around. And the dark red bag also with some flowers. All such lovely details.
The shirt is part of a dress from paper doll. Comes in black and white. The lace part i love.
The belt is part of the DCNY gift: knit dresses in four colors with that gorgeous belt.
Not from the hunt is the necklace ( i am so happy i bought it... thought about it for about two month before i finally decided to buy >>laughing) and the fur cardigan.

Skin: Lara Hurley - #70 With Love (again) From... Lara Hurley Skin (10ld)
Fringe bag: Vive 9 - #90 With Love (again) From... vive9 (10ld)
Bag and Boots: PurpleMoon Creations - #83 With Love (again) From... PurpleMoon Creations(10ld)
Shirt: paper.doll - -paper.doll- With Love (Again) ( 10ld)
Belt: DCNY - part of DCNY_Simply Knit Dresses_4 Colors *With Love Hunt* (10ld)
Necklace: Pididdle- PIDIDDLE - Cervidae Necklace / Gold
From inventory or posted before: Cardigan- Fishy Strawberry; Pants: Aoharu;Red schoulderbag Baby Monkey; Antlers and lights (old freebies)

Hope you like the combination, Nic

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