Monday, December 5, 2011

winter outfits

My favorites at the moment are these winter outfits. The taupe combination is from the outlet of Fishy Strawberry. The armwarmers and scarf ( in green and red) are from the adventcalender from Malt ( nr.4) The grey outfit is from Pixxis at the designer circle , so not very expensive. Vest pants, shirt, and boots all are included. For warm feet i wear extra socks from Jane. The thick knitted scarf is from Prim & Pixel. I love that colour so much. Oh and Nic is sitting on a seat cushion from advent event from Sway's ( advent gift #4) Go here and click a box to get a code..and then go here to touch the package under the christmas tree.

Nic did go outside.. and for that occasion she wears her belted fur vest...just found at ISON for Project Themeory.

Grey Outfit : P.i.X.X.i.S - P.i.X.X.i.S Outfit Darb light
Pants: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry*Corduroy Treggings - Brown (70ld)
Sweater: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Jewelled Cashmere Sweater - Taupe ( 75ld)
Armwarmers and scarf: Malt - .:MALT:. KC Advent Xmas Gift 2011 (free)
Scarf: P&P - Country Cuddler Scarf - Soft Earth
Socks: Jane - JANE - lil' piggies socks.sassy.3 whites/creams
Seat cushion:Sway's Advent Gift #4 ( free)
Belted fur vest: ISON- ISON - belted fur vest (snow) 9 70ld)

From inventory: Hair: Truth Clara; Skin-LAQ Elena; Boots: Decoy (Julli-cocoa)

Have a good and serene advents time, Nic

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Eliza said...

Love the ambience in these pics, Nic, wonderful job! I am missing the color challenge, too!

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