Thursday, December 1, 2011

do you see what i see?

Just a small joke in this post.... because i was in eager to show you these long mesh trousers from Celoe. ;)
Can you see what i see?
I like them so much.... but the prize ...oh noooooo!!! Shall i buy them or not? Nic is so in doubt. The trousers fit as good as a new skin.. so soft and comfly.. Yes i will buy them later.. but already show them to you now.
The jacket is another must have.. from the vintage fair from ISON

Do you know this strange habit too? When i like to have a dress or pants so much and the prize is high.. i go there, stand there long time, are in doubt and go away... next day... stand there again and go away, the very next day stand there again and go away .. next day... go there with my friend Soraya and we laugh and have fun about our strange habit (yes she has the same habit)...and at the end we may be.. don't buy it at all..

Pants: Celoe - [celoe.lolong.trousers.DEMO]<<<< see it?
Jacket: ISON - ISON - one-button blazer (red)<<< no demo ( lol) but so worth paying for!

Enjoy your strange habits, being normal brings you nowhere, Nic


Unknown said...

That outfit is to die for, I love those slacks on you! They look amazing. I'm really coming around to Mesh pants these days.

I also do the same thing when I want a high priced item, I totally visit the store so much trying to make up my mind that I bet the owners think I'm stalking them or something! lol

Nicandra Laval said...

haha Anichka i was so laughing in rl reading about your stalking.... and so relieved Soraya and me are not the only ones with this madness lol

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