Sunday, October 12, 2014

white devil from the seasons story and the gathering

No not Nic in her autumn coat from Orange*Pekoe is a white devil. See her on the pictures below as a white devil. She became devilish because of the gatcha machine at the gathering and because of the horns at the seasons story. What happened? Nic tried the gatcha to get the cute fur. But it is a rare item. But she WANTED that fur. So she said to herself "i will shop till i drop to get that fur". But oh my goodness she got dresses and dresses and dresses. Too ashamed to tell you how much dresses. But as you can see she got the fur.
Afterwards she became a bit devilish and sad. Spended far to much money on it.
Nic shows below one of the dresses.The dresses are beautiful. But because of the gatcha drama, i think, you can understand why i combined it with the horns from the seasons story.
It is 1 year anniversary of the Season's Story. You get super presents. The cute beanie from amiable and the autumn skin from Glam Affair for example you can get. But soooo much more.
I used my eylashes, freckles and mole from my inventory.
The coat is a wearable demo just 3ld. The coat comes with and without the sweater and shirt. The cropped pants from Bunenza is just 5ld. Thanks Soraya for this tip.

Skin: Glam Affair - at TSS- *Glam Affair - Penny - Autumn Girl *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Coat: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe female knee lenght robes (3ld)
Beanie: amiable at TSS - {amiable}TSS 1year Anniversary  Gift Beret(free)
Fur: May's Soul at the gathering - Pompeya fur (gatcha)
Pants: Bunenza - Bunenza Cropped pant yellow (5ld)
From inventory: sneakers - old gift from XIAJ; hair D!va - Maya (not available anymore); Freckles, mole and eyelashes - pumec; Necklace - Pure Poison.
Dress: May's Soul at TSS - Pmpeya dress M white (gatcha)
Horns: .PANIK. at TSS -.PANIK. Gift - TSS - Horns Flowers *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
From inventory: Bangles - Sassy kitty designs; earrings and golden armband - K&K; -

Bye bye, Nic

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