Wednesday, October 8, 2014

rockabilly girl on tour

As always she is traveling. She is in rockabilly style, but that doesn't mean you can't wear those clothes in another way.. more casual for example. I styled Nic this way because i found these hairs in my inventory. Someone asked me if i knew the hair shop {RA}. I didn't but ....typed it in search from Nic's inventory and i had hair from the shop. So we could find the shop for her. And i was surprised i had this rockabilly hair. Nic shows new items and free items from Shey and Rowena design and a super jeans from Aphorism, a groupgift ( the brown one).

Top with bra: {RS} - {RS} Adrianna Crop Top, Bra, & Pants (NEW)
Heels: {RS} - {RS} Adrianna Heels High Slink (NEW)
Brown jeans: !APHORISM!- !APHORISM! Slim Jeans (Female) Brown GG (free)
Blue top with creme shirt: Shey - SHEY - Asira Sweat Shirt ( free/ but group join fee/ in group notices)
Red pants: Shey- SHEY - Libre Jeans (NEW)
From inventory: Sunglasses - Ane; sunglasses - Artillery; Hair - {RA} Raspberry
Pictures made at: Richfield
Bye bye, Nic

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