Wednesday, October 1, 2014

baby on the rocks

Baby on the rocks. A bit dangerous, but she has her place under the sun, where she will not be disturbed. She placed her own chair there, a gift from f8f. You get the chair with and without a blanket. The chair and blanket both can be recolored with a menu. Nic is wearing one of those complete boho sets from Vips Creations. Tunic dress,bag, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses are all included. The legging is from another shop. You can ofcourse wear the set without legging for more sunny days.

Total set: VIPS Creations -Female Outfit - Boho Style2*
Legging:  -{moSmo}-  -{moSmo}- Low Vintage Leggings {Envy} (10ld)
Chair: f8f - 8f8 - Back to School Chair(free)
From inventory: Hair - Catwa(Kim)
Pictures taken at: Daydreams,The Colder Water

Bye bye, Nic

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