Sunday, October 12, 2014

coats and seasons story

Coats are good for the autumn. Nic and tjip show both very good coats. Nic wears a coat from 2Chez. A very good tip from Soraya. The armwarmers are attached to the coat.

Tjip wears the new subscribe-o-matic gift from Hoorenbeek. Click the subscribe-o-matic to join. After 2 weeks the gift is yours. Tjip was already in the SOM. It is a super made coat with and without the shirt and open and closed version. Quality as usual for Hoorenbeek. I am excited about this coat.

Nic wears a ribbon in her hair and shoes from the Seasons Story. On the wall behind you see written Autumn, another present from the event, as well as the washtube with pumpkins. The garden shelf is from KMH. A good tip from Dancer. And from Alehandrita i got the super cute sack with cat arrangement. I gave her one of my gatcha dresses ( see the  post before this one about that stupid action of me). Because of Alehandrita's nice gift  i suddenly was in mood to make my homeplace in autumn sphere.

Coat: Nic: 2Chez - (2Chez) Cinnamon Gstaad Jacket
Pants: Aphorism - !APHORISM! Slim Jeans (Female) Brown GG
Taxi to The Seasons Story (TSS) here
Shoes Nic: NuDoLu at TSS- :NuDoLu: Mes bottines mannishes - Feuilles gift (free)
Ribbon: {Mango Cheeks}at TSS - {Mango Cheeks} - Punkin Hairbows *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Letters on the wall:(Con). at TSS-  (Consignment) - Autumn letters *TSS GIFT BOX*( free)
Washtube with pumpkins: A.D.D.Andel! at TSS - BOX*A.D.D.Andel! - Wash Tub Full of Pumpkins! *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
From inventory: Hair - D!va

Coat Tjip: Hoorenbeek - [ hoorenbeek ] Montgomery - Grey (free)
From inventory: Boots - Gabriel(free); pants - Gabriel

Garden shelf: KMH - .:: KMH ::. Garden Shelf 001 Old Wood(Wear or Rez) (1ld)
Cat on a sack: Alehandrita  - Cat on a sack.
Pictures made at my homelocation.

Bye bye, Nic

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