Monday, October 20, 2014

horror time Gathor MC hunt part 2

In one of the many interesting horror rooms at the Gathor MC (Motor Club). Tjip between zombies. They came and disappeared every time. Tjip shows some male items he got at that hunt. The army tank Nic showed already in the post before this one. How to enter the gaze you also can read in the post befor this one. Search pumpkins.

TP to Gathors MC here
Army tank: H&C - Wheels Tanked Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #11(free)
Shirt: Gators MC Obsessed - Hunt PumpKin #12 CM Obsessed...Julian Mens Shirt(free)
Blue  t-shirt: Soul Designs Skull Me tee Gathors MC hunt #2 (free)
Necklace: Kosh -  Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #10(free)
From inventory: cargo pants - Mensstuff lounge; hair - Dura.
Pictures made at: Gathors MC Motor Club 

Bye bye, Nic

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