Saturday, October 25, 2014

in a strange dream

In a strange dream all is possible.
The hats are from 5 hunts at The Mad Hattery. All hunt items are together on a table ..easy! Nic's dress is the groupgift from Patulas House. You also can get halloween earrings there as a groupgift.
The flowers and the hairflower are the Happy Halloween gift from NSP. In that shop i saw many old groupgifts. Group join is 75ld.
Nic's BOO headband i got at free bird. You get one try at the gatcha machine for free. Many sorts of headbands for halloween in the machine. The necklace is a gift from Lassitude &Ennui.

Flowersand hair flower: NSP - NSP Happy Halloween gift (free)
Dress: Patulas House - * Patulas House Copper Nina Dress (GIFT GROUP)(free)
Hats: The Mad Hattery - The Mad Hattery Key to The Dark Side Top Hat (1ld); The Mad Hattery (ITD) Set of Gothic Brooch Top Hats (free); B & P Hunt The Mad Hattery # 62 (1ld); The Mad Hattery Set of Unisex Fashion Fedoras(1ld); The Mad Hattery Hiding the Acorns Top Hat (free)
Headband: Free bird - [ free bird ] Light-Up Boo Headband (1 free try at the gatcha machine)
Nails: Free bird -  [ free bird ] jack-o-Lantern free nail hud (free)
Necklace:lassitude & ennui - lassitude & ennui Stacked pearl necklaces (free)
From inventory: Shoes - Le Forme; chair - BSD, Hair - Milana
Pictures made at The Colder Water, daydreams

Bye bye, Nic

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