Monday, October 13, 2014

Enjoying my seasons story presents

Nic unpacked today lots of presents from the Seasons Story anniversary and placed all on her new pigeon street seat from the Eloquence gifts. The brown L.Warwick shoes are also from the Eloquence gifts. The soft colored L.Warwick shoes are from The Seasons Story. The sweet pink dress is a new release at Shey. Comes with a hud for more  texture options. The tweed dress is again a present at the Seasons Story.
See the credits  to know what presents Nic you shows.

Credits: Taxi to The Seasons Story here
Tweed dress: La Penderie at TSS - La Penderie de Nicole:The Season Story Gift(free)
Soft colored shoes:[L.Warwick] -[L.Warwick] -Ambrosia -High Platform Wedges- TSS GIFT(free)
Pear hat: ::C'est la vie !:: - ::C'est la vie !:: pear hat for TSS anniversary GIFT(free)
Crown near  pear hat: Junbug - crown of the Tutha - De -Ancient - Junbug - *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Necklace: Sweet Thing -  Sweet Thing. TSS The Seasons Story Birthday Necklace (free)
Books: floorplan.- *floorplan. leaning book stack / monotone *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Little pet:*katat0nik* - *katat0nik* - (chocomint) Fox Doll *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Beanie: D R O P . - D R O P .  - Beanie *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Yellow  bag: [Miseria] - [Miseria] Bearnotes Backpack - Things I Love *TSS GIFT BOX*
Bag with vegetables: Mikunch - Mikunch     enamel mini bag(TSS 1 year anniversary gift)(free)
Cake on the table;(aphrodite) - pumpkin and chocolat pie - item name *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Cat bag:(B.C.C) - (B.C.C) - cute Cat coin purse *TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Bangles:(pr!tty) - (pr!tty) - Bangles [Fatpack] -*TSS GIFT BOX*(free)
Ring right hand: Spirit Store- Spirit Store- TSS gift - ring(free)
Poses: Kirin Poses - Kirin Poses - Momo Pose Pack *TSS Gift*(free)

Barrel with candles: Alehandrita  - Candles on a barrel 2
Pigeon street seat:junk.- Eloquence Group Gift
Brown shoes: [L.Warwick] - [L.Warwick] Cordelia -Platform Heels- Brown
Pink dress: Shey - SHEY - Viscana Loose Mini Dress (NEW)
Heart ring:AngelRED Couture - AngelRED Couture Lanyard & Ring
Hair: KMH - .:: KMH ::. Free Hair 001 (free)

Bye bye, Nic

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