Monday, October 20, 2014

cats and people can brighten up your day (tips about shapes and skins)

This morning was a good sl morning. The people around a lucky chair had a nice chat. A newbie in sl wrote me, because she saw my blog and we had a good time together. It was a pleasure to help her. Welcome as blogfollower Bérangère. Then i had a nice talk with Laura Azalee. She helped me to find a good freebie group Freedeology. She helped me with tips for Bérangère about skins and shapes. Bérangère weared a top..i editted the top and came in a new shop for me, called Alyce. Nic's hair on the pictures is a groupgift from that shop. I unpacked all my presents from the lucky board at Somnia ( go upstairs) (tip from Vivena from the good blog about surroundings). The chucks from Nic i saw when i was waiting near the lucky chair too.  Inspiring day isn't it. And lots of tips for you.

My cats are the well-known gatcha cats. But i was too late to buy them. I bought them now in a cute second hand shop from Lark. Because of the cats, i also choosed to wear the bit girly cat sweater for the cat lovers. All items in the lucky boards at Somnia mix and match perfect in colors. And the boards change very fast. So in a minute you have tons of clothes. Our inventory will be overloaded ... but who cares.
The tips about shapes and skins: For shape an skin groupgifst go to Curves shapes and skins and visit the market with a hunt at Flawless. At Wow skins there is a skin for not group member for just 10ld.
And in the lucky chair at Tameless hair shop is a full avatar Marilyn. The groupgift from Poudre includes a modifyable shape.

Cats: Fashionably dead at the second hand shop from lark - (fd) cat 09, 10, 11 (50ld each)
Cardigan with top ( also possible without the top) - Somnia - .: Somnia :. Boffle {Peach} (free)
Cat sweater: Somnia - .: Somnia :. Pussy Jumper {Ice} (free)
Dress: {CH] - {CH} Florida Dress ah3(1ld)
Hair:  Alyce- Group Gift from Alyce (free)
Shoes: Guarded Cross - Guarded Crosss wearable demo (free)
From inventory: Pants- chronokit; bike from marketplace; camera -  {*I <3FashiOn*}
Pictures made at Neva River

Bye bye, Nic

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