Friday, October 3, 2014

a preview for the fantasy room

For the Fantasy Room, Hatili Ishtari from OrsiniRed, made this beautiful set. Many colors available, but i liked a sunny outfit today. Fantasy Room is a monthly event where the best designers sell some of their new creations with very cheap prices. With only one teleport you will find clothes, accesories, hairs or other things for only 50 or 70 L. Gachas too!
Runs from 5 to 25 each month. The set includes the panty the top the headband and the armband.
I went to Luas to the gatcha machines there to get this collar with rays like sunbeams. The top i combined on the picture below with a pencil skirt from FA Creations. To show you that this set is not only for fantasy and roleplay. The jewelry on that picture is from Vendome jewelry. With both combinations i liked my  stiletto's from Shey.
Outfit: OrsiniRed for the Fantasy Room - OrsiniRed The Symphony Outfit/ Pack For Fantasy Room
Collar: Luas - LUAS ASTAROTH COLLAR (gatcha/50ld)
Shoes: Shey - SHEY ALBA Stilettos
From inventory: Hair - Tableau Vivant; Skirt- FAC; Jewelry last picture- Vendome Jewelry;hanging  chair behind Nic- Pixel Mode
Pictures made at: Daydreams, The colder water

Bye bye, Nic

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