Friday, October 17, 2014

Tengoku no Rakuen hunt (part 2)

Yes again some hunt presents from the Tengoku no Rakuen hunt. See for information the post before this one. The cute pipe is from that hunt. The pipe has 2 parts. One with the orange doll and one with the purple doll. You can use them together. The smoke comes out as orange and purple bat wings. The cat necklace and cat armband are also from the hunt.Nic shows a lucky board item from M*Motion, the shirt in grey and white. The clutch is one of the gifts from Ben's Beauty (you get a fatpack.
Nic loves to wear her long boots from Death Row Designs from her inventory. Showed already long ago on the blog.
Below Nic's nails from Orange*pekoe and her ring groupgift from Ben's Beauty

Pipe:  Naminoke - TnR ~ Halloween Hunt Item #4 - NAMINOKE*N*KISERU HW(2ld)
Necklace: Myrai Style - TnR ~  Neko hallowen necklace Halloween Hunt Item #n 3
Armband: Myrai Style - TnR ~ Neko Halloween bracelet Halloween Hunt Item #n 11(2ld)
Shirt: M*Motion - M*Motion C14-11 Off Shoulder long T-shirt [LB](free)
Clutch: Ben's Beauty - ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Paris Clutch Bag Fatpack (free/ but group join fee)
Hairy hair ribon: **DP**YumYum- *barberyumyum*Ribbon accessories (10ld)
Nail: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe Hand nails HUD Black magic (50ld)
Square ring: Ben's Beauty - part of outfit Bens Boutique - Night Outfit (free/ group join feee)
From inventory: Boots- Death Row Design old collection ( drd bootslazy tigh high); hair - little bones (old gift); Long necklace - Ben's Beauty
Pictures made at: RMK Gothic

Bye bye, Nic

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