Sunday, October 19, 2014

a super hunt at Gathor Motor Club

Sorry for all those boobs. But it was so funny this place.
From  Rudhmellowen Laguna i heard yesterday about this hunt. I went there today  and was exited about the maze they have made." Basically we are a SL Motorcycle club called the Gators MC", Rudh explaned. "Set in a swamp with a track that anyone else can come ride if they want.  But this year for Halloween some of the members wanted to do something for the fun so they created a maze. They decided that they wanted a hunt and decided to speak to some designers to donate some prizes. If people are interested in learning about bikes and the SL MC biker world they can contact me".

And i can tell you that the maze is realy cool.
To start the hunt you have to get through the maze. Enter the house in front of the landingspoint. Its not impossible but the walls move around you, then you fall into the horror rooms. Psst i became crazy in that house. So i cheated a bit. I took my camera to looked around. When you see a chair then try sit and ..voila you're in. Then walk the maze and search the pumpkins.
Nic shows you the orange gown ( i got the brown ribbon later... it wasn't in the box in the beginning) , the mirror with skulls around and sound, wedges, cool army tank with hud, eyeshadow, earrings and a necklace, a ring and a mask.

First the taxi to the hunt landingspoint here
Gown: CM Obsessed - Sally Dress Gathors Hunt Prize #3 (free)
Army tank: Hogs&Cart weels -  H&C Wheels Tanked Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #11(free)
Mirror: ! ~v~ ImmateriA~v~ - Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #13 (free)
Earrings and ring : Athena Couture - Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #9
Necklace: Kosh -  Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #10(free)
Mask, eyemake-upand more: *Vob* - Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #1(free)
Mules: !Magic!  - Gators MC Hunt PumpKin #5 (free)
Hand nail: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe slink nail applier Orange tip (1ld)
Hair: LoQ'ue - [LoQ'ue] rosolio fatpack ( Subscribe-o-matic gift) (free)
From inventory: Candle - Pixel mode
Pictures taken at Red Eye Kingdom

Bye bye, Nic

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