Sunday, January 20, 2013

Twisted Color Challenge week 4: Payne's Star

Payne's star is this color combination from the Twisted Color Challenge. I searched with google for the meaning of it but couldn't find. So i copied the color's to show you. In what Nic wears are the color's a bit harder. But i am happy with the result.
Let me tell you how i came to this combination. In the coldLogic shop i searched for the colors and saw a very good matching dress. The name is Vergara but i already have such a dress in watermelon. That one i showed before on the blog. So although i knew a very good matching dress, i decided not to use that one.
I also was in the shop for the top that Nic wears. Joeylin was wearing it and i immediately fell in love with that top. The back part is so cool and the loose fit around the arms is so sexy.

And now the cheating part of the story:
I bought the top in a cream and the skirt in white and then recoloured them. Yeah i am a cheater.  I knew how to recolor non-mesh items. Now i learned that it also is possible with mesh items. When you want to learn how to recolor mesh items, just write me in world and i will help you. I think for the designers it isn't bad what i am doing, because you have to buy their item first. So they don't loose customers. My Maitreya verve pumps in blue had exactly the right color.

Skirt: coldLogic - coldLogic skirt - glass.white
Top: coldLogic - coldLogic top - gertz.cream
Pums: Maitreya - Maitreya Verve Pumps - Blue
From inventory: Hair- D!va ( Sayaka2)
Sorry today no free items.

Bye bye, Nic

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Eliza said...

I like your color combination, cheater or not! I do think we will all be cheating at some point by the time we get through this challenge!

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