Thursday, January 31, 2013

beautiful styled

Sometimes i see avatars in sl that immediately attract my attention. And then i ask if i am allowed to put them on my blog.Today in the DECO shop i met this person. Couldn't withstand making pictures. It is Cervaluna Ater. Thanks for your permission to put pictures of your avatar on my blog. I hope you like the pictures that i made.

What is Cervaluna wearing? Much DECO stuff: the long coat with inner vest, the boots and the bag with fingers. Bloody!The cute glasses are from a super cute shop from Walton F. Wainwright (fauststeamer). I can recommend to look around there. Several levels has the skybox. Cute place for a photo shoot.

The clothings under the jacket are from Blakopal. the legging is from Le Poppycock.
The skin is from LOGO. A seamless combination of skin and mesh head. Head textures 4 times the resolution of any other skin. Detailed mesh provides realism not possible with standard avatar. Realistic facial expressions. Hud controlled make-up and expression for instant switching. works with all your existing clothings. Includes 5 skintones, 16 lipsticks, 16 eye shadows, 6 eyebrow colors, 4 blush options, 16 eye colors, 7 styles of eyelashes, 12 expressions, variety of body shapes, 3 stomach styles, 3 breast shading styles, 10 other body options.

Glasses: ContraptioN - Keele's Spectacle
Antler: ContraptioN - Clemantlers Lb ( free)
Coat: DECO - Deco MESH his peacemaker Duster Leather brown
Bag: DECO - **Deco Low Lag camp boots (dirt)**
Bag: DECO - DECO Fingersnatcher bag
Skin: LOGO - Chloe Infinity Hybrid mesh avatar
Owl: Tokid ( not available in the shop now)

Bye bye< Nic

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Anonymous said...

Hello! It´s me,Cerva,I just wanted to say thanks for doing some awesome pics-it was very nice to meet you! I hope you´ll have a great,sunny weekend! ;-)

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