Saturday, January 12, 2013

Twisted Color Challenge week 3: Artsy Fields

Artsy Fields is the name of the two colors from this weeks Twisted Color Challenge. Is is a sort of red brown and a sort of creme that goes to a greyish green. Hmmm difficult but i hope that what i found is a bit near those colors. Nic wears a coat and a skirt from coldLogic. It is always nice when you buy something there. The bag is from Tulip. My boots are just 5ld on marketplace from Koko. Yesterday i showed you another pair. The legging is from Mimikri. And i wear again the groupgift hair with cap from Amacci because  the colors are in the cap.

And here is Nic with the cute glasses from Elate for fifty linden friday. Still there now.

Hair with cap: Amacci - Amacci Hair ~ Embla - Fat Pack All Colors (free)
Boots: Koko - KoKo Urban wrap boots (5ld)
Bag: tulip - tulip. Zoar (Burgundy)
Coat: coldLogic - coldLogic coat - pica.cream
Skirt: coldLogic - coldLogic skirt - giles.ruby

Bye bye, Nic

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