Sunday, January 6, 2013

Panties for Luna ( part 2)

The organiser of the Color Challenge Luna Jubilee likes to make pictures of herself without pants. That is why some of the old challege participants got the idea to do a photoshoot like that. And you know Nic is a shy one. So she hides her eyes because of shyness. And she hides her private zone too like Luna also did. I like the result.
In this post the eyemask is free  from the luck board. It is from a cute shop from Nao Blackburn. Have a look overthere. The pipe, kiseru, is Japanese. It makes this look elegant and mysterious. In the shop is also a pipe with a blue flower in the lucky board. Free there a necklace and another mask. The lingerie is from Insolence. The lift up top is an oldie from WWI.

Skin: LAQ- LAQ ~ Elena [Nougat] Glow skin (10-pack)
Mask: !!! -  !!! eye mask blue (free)
Lingerie: Insolence - Insolence Salome  Black Sheer Ensemble by INSOLENCE
Pipe: !!! - Kiseru-red
Lift up shirt: World Wide Industrie ( not available any more).

Bye bye, Nic


Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw lol Nic sexay! LOL
We might have guessed Luna didn't wear ANYthing this week LOL

Sama Yalin said...

Oh I didn't notice before there was a cat on that pipe! I'll need it now :)

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