Sunday, January 20, 2013

released yesterday

Monso released yesterday this super cute hoodie. It gives the impression of a coat. Warm long and thick. Now that it is snowing in rl at the moment  i can imagine how nice and warm this hoodie would feel when i had such a coat in rl.I was always a fan of the designer of Sweetest Goodbye long ago. She ( Morphine) can back with this label and it is impressive how good she is in designing.
I am at the moment a fan from Kapone. The sneakers and the sunglasses are from that shop. The top is a part of a leather dress from Michami. Showed the dress before on this blog. The necklace is from Duh! and from my inventory. Choosed it because of the color.

Hoodie: Monso - [monso] My Fur Hoody - Brown (girls)
Sunglasses: Kapone - Sunglasses - gold black
Boots: Kapone - Kapone Fusion Boots WhiteBlack
From inventory: Pants- Chronokit; Necklace- Duh!; Top- Michami

Bye bye, Nic

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