Thursday, January 10, 2013

architectural park Zenshi

Nic likes architecture. And this park is special. It has a Japanese sphere. The name sounds Japanese: Zenshi. Nic likes the beauty of the huge forms in the park. It is near a new shopping centre. In that shopping centre you can pick up nice presents. You have to wear the Avenue Magazine Readers  group tag.
Nic shows you the teal dress from Ison. The boots from E-Clipse. The ring from Zanze. And shades from Strip'd Fashion. Walk around in the high modern architectural shopping centre and you will find the presents very easy. I will let you start in the ISON shop.
The silver dress is the new groupgift from NCparis. You get a golden en silver sexy dress.

Teal dress: Ison -  ISON - bodycon shoulder dress (teal) ( free)
Ring: Zanze- [ZE] Hand Rings ( free)
Shades: :[Strip'd]: Fashion - Zebra Shades ( free)
Boots: E-Clipse - E-Clipse Gift ( free)
Silver dress: NCparis - NCparis Gold & Silver Party Dress MESH ( free)

Bye bye, Nic


Sama Yalin said...

I love that hair! Where is it from?

Nicandra Laval said...

The hair is from Analaog Dog . The name : five

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