Tuesday, January 22, 2013

trip to Lost World

Nic made a trip to Lost world. Found it because  i read about it at Mayala Loons blog. Thanks Mayala. I was busy with a photoshoot from Nic and Soraya came online. She wanted my help to get the foxfur from yesterday. I tp ed her and then we discovered how wonderwell the colors of our outfits matched. And we both wear low booties and hoop earrings. Soraya came over to Lost World for a  photoshoot together. It was like a vacation trip.

Nic wears a new hair from Truth , bought on the wintersale in truth district. Told about that yesterday.
The sweater is from the Cold Winter Night Hunt at Purple Moon.
The sweater from Soraya is from Marketplace ( a Christmas gift) just 1ld. I love her hairband very much but she forgot to tell me where she bought it. I will add that later . Her hair is from Analog dog. Pants from malt from her inventory.

Later on when i wanted attach the landmark from Lost World to this blog i saw another part of Lost World with statues like on Isla de Pascua (Spanish), Easter Island (English) en Île de Pâques (French). So i made some more pictures of Nic in other clothings as you can see here below

Nic wears a male sweater from NiNight Creation. It was the first round for NiNight Creation for the Lazy sundays last weekend

On Sundays, a group of extremely talented designers  put out a new or previously released item, discounted to 75L or less. The items will be discounted at 12AM until 11:59PM all day Sunday.
But sigh.. i am too late with blogging. The sweater you can ofcourse still buy for normal prize in the shop. Next time i will be in time when NiNight does the second round  from the Lazy sundays.

Nic's  skirt is in the lucky board at M*Motion at the moment.

On Nic:
Hair first pictures: Truth -  >TRUTH< Adeline -  dark browns
Hair last pictures: Truth - >TRUTH< Josie -  dark browns
Sweater first pictures: PurpleMoon  - :: PM :: Pom Pom Sweater in Brown [Mesh] ( 10ld)
Sweater last Pictures: NiNight Creations - ..:: NN ::.. Mesh Men's Sweater 2
Skirt last pictures: M*Motion - M*Motion C13-02 F-Slits Mini Skirt [Mesh] LB ( free)
From inventory: Brown skirt- Happy Undead ( shown before on the blog)

On Soraya:
Sweater: [bang Sauce] - [bang Sauce] Star crown offf- shoulder ( 1ld)
Hair: Analog Dog - Voshie

Bye bye, Nic

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Sorraya said...

ohhhh wie süß .viel viel schönere bilder als meine..danke maus ,wieder eine schöne erinnerung :-))
das ist ja ein lustiger rock aber cool
sowie the place were we are,das war toll.
freue mich auf nächste mal wenn wir ferien haben und reisen :)

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