Thursday, January 3, 2013

finally lucky at the lucky board

After longtime waiting at the lucky board from M*Motion Nic got her long V-neck sweater. I wanted to show this one on the blog to inform you. This sweater is a new item in the board. There is also a more dark one coming up and a patchwork skirt. The time was worth waiting.. not only because i got the sweater, but also to see all the other waiting and getting new idea's. I saw someone with this nice hair from Kin. I knew Kin hair shop from long ago. So i immediately went searching the shop. And i was so happy to discover a freebie box with all old gifts in it. This hair is one of them.
Then about the skin. It is the promo ( 10ld) at the new Brat main store. Thanks to Dancer who told me about it.
Yes that bag i showed before but because of the pattern i just had to use it again.
Soraya do you recognise our old socks from Inimitably from the paris outfit we liked so much?

And sorry pictures made on my home location....i was too lazy.
Sweater: M*Motion  - M*Motion C12-28 Loose V-neck Sweater [Mesh] CK ( free)
Hair: Kin - Kin Old Hair Freebies freehairhf2010-[sand] ( free)
Skin: BRAT - BRAT[inc] SUPER PROMO SKIN ( 10ld)
 From inventory: Bag: Septem Essentia; Boots - Coco; Moonstone earring - Hudson ( see post before this one)

Bye bye, Nic


Mame Tunwarm said...

Thank you for connection and the introduction.
I appreciate it. :D

Anonymous said...

The socks...where are they from, Nic ?
What is the name of Paris outfit ? :)

Thank you much !


Nicandra Laval said...

oh i am so sorry Mia ..the socks were in an outfit from years ago from Inimitably Design..That shop is gone. The name of that outfit was Paris. You can get grey woolen socks for free at Y&R.

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