Tuesday, January 8, 2013

in my boudoir

This is the Avi Choice Awards 2012 gown from Sacha's  Designs. Last year i also showed the gown from 2011. I love the golden glow of this one and the shiny silky brown silver pattern. In a dark surrounding this is realy an eye-catcher. I made pictures in Tempura and got many compliments. The gown comes with  a frilled bolero and breast piece. But this way i like it the most. My fantasy flies away with me to times when rich women had boudoirs.

Sascha's Designs was established mid 2007 and aimed to create high quality clothes with lots of options that everyone can afford. And i think Sacha Frangilli succeeded in that.
This she writes: "I also occasionally drink a glass of wine and then for no apparent reason I reduce a gown to a ridiculously low amount, which is then announced in Group Chat.  ;-)
Besides that I also have a FREE gown each month for my members of my group (Sascha's Designs), the occasional hunt and I randomly reduce normal priced gowns to 10 L."

Gown: Sacha's Designs - SAS - Avi Choice Awards 2012 Gown ( free)

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