Monday, January 21, 2013

please come help

So much snow. Too much to do this alone. Nic on the phone asking for help, explaning that the snow is too high for her to remove it all alone.
Nic wears a top from a lucky board. It is full perm so you can change the layer. Make it long or short. The top is too cold may be. But working hard in the snow makes you warm. Her nice coat hoodie from yesterday is laying on the ground somewhere ( scroll the blog too see that coat). Her foxfur is still hanging around her neck. It is a part of the Cold Winter Night Hunt gift from Eclectica. The gloves are from the same gift. Watch the cute plumes on the gloves and the foxfur. And there is a fur hat with hair in the box and a cute muff. You need find a blue ice star. Costs 10ld. The hunt is from Januari the 15th till februari the 15th.
Nic shows hair from the hair sale from Truth at the Truth district. Running until January 26th, many shops will be offering products at 50% off and some even have their entire store marked down! This sale is exclusive to the Truth District Update Group members. Join group is now 500ld. When you joined the group before the 20th januari  join group was free. Sorry that i am too late to inform you.

Hair:Truth -  >TRUTH< Jade -  light blondes and surf (50% off in winter sale)
Foxfur and more: Eclectica - Eclectica Giftbox-Cold Winter Nights
Top: Lizzy Design - Full Perm Sophie White ( free)
From inventory: sunglasses- Kapone; Pants- Chronokit; Sneakers- Kapone; Necklace- Ben's Beauty

Bye bye, Nic

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