Sunday, January 6, 2013

panties for Luna ( part 3)

And here below are some shoots from the making of :

From left to right: Anichka, Sama, Eliza, Rudh, Laila, Shay, Nicandra, Ygrey, Laura

And here is what i was talking about in "something is going to happen part 1".
We did this photoshoot to say thank you to Luna Jubilee. Because she often photographed herself without pants. We thought it a good idea to go with panties for this photoshoot. See part 2 for my personal shoot for the occassion.
See for how the others did their post on  the blog of Luna Jubilee. You can find the other posts in the comments of her "little Coy" post ( and you see.... she again photographed herself without pants!)

Thanks Eliza for inviting me and for the preparations.
It was fun doing this, Nic


Rudhmellowen said...

Such a cute set of Photos Nic!!! Loved meeting you in world!!! *hugs* Don't be a stranger!

Eliza said...

I love your "making of" shots, you did such a great job! Clearly your computer was working much better than the rest of ours! So glad you could join us, and you even lost the panties for your personal shoot, naughty, naughty, sexy girl!!!!

Luna Jubilee said...

LOL!! Great photos of the girls <3

Thank you so much for keeping on top of that challenge. What's it just brutal?! So happy to have you along for the ride and being such a sweetheart!

<3 here's to many more years of laughter and frienship!

Unknown said...

Nice set! No strawberry pic? :)

Sama Yalin said...

You managed to do some really nice pictures! It was so much fun doing the shoot :)

Nicandra Laval said...

hehe thanks for the sweet comments. And no my computer wasn't that good Eliza. I did a lot of cut and paste with the paint program. Yeah i was happy to meet you miss Rudh. So nice to have met all inworld now. And Ygrey i was afraid i offended you and the others with my n... and strawberry mask and my proposal to do a post with boobs like Luna does. Sama and Ani were as sweet as always on the pictures i saw now in world. And Luna i hope to meet you sometime in world too ( may be a party for all?) and i sure will follow your blog.

Ygrey Auer said...

Dear, strawberry moment was so funny, next time take some pics :)

Unknown said...

You are smoking hot, Nic and I love love love the shots you got! They're so candid and fun! It was such a blast to hang out with you guys!

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