Sunday, January 6, 2013

Twisted Color Challenge week 2 pinky and the brain

The color for the Twisted ColorChalenge from Sookietriellis is : Pinky and the Brain. I finised this post and then discovered that i was mislead by the Pinky and the Brain comic picture that i downloaded.
I took this light pink. Now i see on the blog it had to be more soft warm pink. But ok next time better.

This sunday challenge post i use to show you the pink booties. They are now a group gift at Baby Monkey. When you followed this blog, then may be you joined the group for free some days ago. Now the group join is not free anymore.

And i also want inform you  about a skin event. It is called:  "Structure your Skin Event". Each month many designers put a skin on the wall there for just 99ld. On the last picture Nic shows you the CEARA  skin from *Step inSide*. Also a shape is in the package. The skin is very realistic.
But because i often hear when i show other skins: "we miss the old Nic", i used my "real" Nic skin  from Laq again for the other pictures. I am not kidding. Many say this to me.

And then about the hair. This winter hair from Truth is new and i love it so much. It is hair with a scarf. The scarf has a color menu. Nic wears ofcourse gray on the picture because pinky and the brain is a combi of pink and grey. Golden oldies are: my jacket from Grasp and the silver skinny pants from Coco.

Skin: Step inSide for SySP - CEARA - SYSP edition *Step inSide*( 99ld)
Booties: BM - BM Ultimate Roxie Candy ( free, but group join fee again)
Hair: Truth - >TRUTH< Winter -  light blondes (NEW)
Jacket: Grasp - +grasp+/Loose style shirts(Mesh)/Denim_Pink/Womens

Bye bye, Nic

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