Saturday, December 15, 2012

madder lake deep

This weeks color for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge is madder lake deep. Madder (rubia). Origin: Europe Many different shades of red, traditional dye for wool. The color is more soft then the dress i found for Nic. But i loved this dress so much that although the color is too hard  to be Madder red i couldn't withstand showing it here.

I also want tell you about the shop where i bought it. It is  a new shop for me. Drift is the name. It is always nice to find a new brand.  For the lovers of  free stuff  i can tell you there is a groupgift there too. An apartment pants in crushed velvet pink.
Nic dwelled yesterday on the winter fair. Picked up some nice dollarbies: the recolorable broken necklace, the Christmas cookie jar and the loveletter clutch.
The hair is from Tuty, like the hair in the post before this one.
And i love that fur wrap from Saikin around the arms of Nic. You can get the fur in 3 colors.

Dress: Drift - DRIFT Mutiara Dress [Mesh] Cranberry
Fur: Saikin - *+SAIKIN fur wrap ash
Cookie jar:Tentacio - *Tentacio* winter fair gift ( free )
Clutch: BSD -!{{BSD Design Studio}} Winter fair- GIFT BOX ( free )
Necklace: Ambivalent Skins - Ambivalent Skins - Broken Necklace ( free )
Hair: Tuty - TuTy's- Soiree' - high pony tail with bang - brown

And now some more about Madder. In Holland we have a great art designer Claudia Jongstra. She makes beautiful art in textile. Google her name and then choose the google pictures and you can see her works. She is an internationally recognised artist working with natural materials such as wool and silk, utilisiing all natural dyes extracted from plants grown in her own laboratory garden. Plants such as delphinium, red clover and dandelions result in brilliant colours. Beginning with her own flock of Drenthe Heath sheep (a rare Dutch breed) she has been developing the process of felted wools for fourteen years and has turned this once humble product into a contemporary material. In addition to developing fabrics for top fashion houses like John Galliano, Christian Lacroix and Alexander van Slobe, she also takes commission for wall hangings and installations.
I show you 2 samples of her work.A very cute band for pregnant women in madder
and here an example of her art tapestry for buildings

Bye bye, Nic


Anonymous said...

ontzag dat is zo schattig!!!

Thank u soo much, so sweet and festive, love the cranberry reds <333!!! :)

Sama Yalin said...

You look very elegant this week. Also: cookies!! Can I have one please? :)

Rudhmellowen said...

Can I have a cookie too? I love this elegant christmas look... like you are going to a fancy party!!! So cute as always!

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