Sunday, December 30, 2012


Oh i love these two things that i bought today at the Dressing Room Fusion: The skin and the combi dress.

The skin from Ys&Ys is gorgeous. I loved skins from Ys&Ys for the first time when i  saw someone with a very beautiful belly. In that time many skins had just a nice face and other parts of the body were neglected. So i ran to the Ys&Ys shop to see more. They also had nice groupgifts then. So now i am happy to see they participate in the Dressing Room Fusion with this skin. I love this winter skin because of the red nose layer  and the wreckles layer. It gives an extra dimension to the skin. Here in Holland we often get a red nose because of the cold winter or because of a cold. I counted all the layers. There are 13 in the package: wreckles, breasts, eyebrows, red nose etc.There is also a skin with  teeth  included. And the grey eyes are also from this super offer.

The  mesh dress or should i say top and skirt are from Cynful at TDRF. Three colors available. I bought green because it matches with the green color of the boots from Baby Monkey (a groupgift). 4 colors in the box.
AND AS I TOLD YOU YESTERDAY ----- GROUP JOIN IS FREE THIS WEEKEND at Baby Monkey. After the weekend group join is 250ld as always. Grab this chance.
Nic wears again a bag from Septem Essentia. The 10ld gift. From inventory is the make-up in green with lashes from Blacklace and the necklace and armband ( named  crest) from Gabriël.

The tights are  from the Winter Wishes Market. It is alway good to have black sheer tights to get a stylish impression for a dress. I already have them from Izzie's but these are a gift from Chandelle!!

Tights: CHANDELLE - CHANDELLE - Half smooth black #2 (socks) ( 1ld)
Boots: Baby Monkey - BM Faith Diva Boots Winter Pastels (free)
Combi Dress:  [Cynful]at TDRF -[Cynful] Opportunity Combi Dress - Olive Green (70ld/TDRF)
Skin: Ys&Ys at TDRF - *YS & YS*Cara Tan Ici Winter TDR ( 70ld)
Bag: Septem Essentia - [Rete] Shoulder&Hand Bag Set :::Septem Essentia::: ( 10ld)

Don't catch a cold, Nic


Fledge said...

Great pose in pic #2 and I love how you've matched the boots and the top of the dress; I particularly like the bag and the jewellery :) All the best for the new year, I know you will find plenty of things to blog past the colour challenge! Your blog is great, really warm and detailed and shows how much you love the clothes, and you are a wonderful stylist.

Sorraya said...

ich habe mein dress gesehn .echt süß.
ich wünsche dir einen guten rutsch ins neue jahr
und dann aufs neue .... shoppingfun ))
liebe grüße

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