Friday, December 14, 2012

on the Frost winter fashion fair 2012

The Winter Fashion Fair 2012 is from december 12th - januari 2nd 2013. I expected there lots of lag because of many visitors, but the opposite was true. It was very quiet there. May be with more attention about it on the blogs, the crowd will grow. Nic enjoyed her shopping there. She got the sweet sweater from Sassy there for free. There are shops from all well-known designers. Some have specials out just for the fair and there are presents.

I also want inform you about the pants. This one is from Redgrave and is liquid mesh. A new phenomena. The team from Redgrave writes this about it:
"At the moment, mesh products mostly come in different sizes. To make them fit perfectly, you may need to try the sizes first and then change your body shape to some degree. But many people don´t want to change their shape for every single piece of clothing they wear. It's not only inconvenient but even more, it changes your unique appearance.Therefore, our development team at REDGRAVE added a great new technique called LIQUID MESH to our products in order to work around that problem. From now on, you only get one size and the associated alpha layers."

"Liquid Mesh adjusts automatically to your body shape. That means no changes to your shape needed!
But we went even further. The mesh also follows certain body shape sliders. That means you can even resize our product with your shape which is not possible with any other mesh up to this point. You can try that by right-clicking your avatar, select "Edit my shape", choose the tab "Legs" and then for e.g. change the slider "Leg muscles".

I thought this is important to know. And i am very enthusiastic about this. In time i learned to handle with mesh and the alpha layers quit well. But sometimes with all efforts you still can have see through parts around some clothings. Breasts i changed and changed to fit as best as possible, but it would be much better when we need not do that all the time. A big hurray  for the Redgrave design team. I love this jeans. The textures look smooth and buttery, realy super.

The hair is from Tuty. I knew Tuty from free hairs free animation overiders etc. , but this one you have to buy. i think it makes Nic look sophisticated .
The bag is from Septem Essentia. I showed some days before some free or very inexpensive bags from that shop. This one i had in my inventory.

Jeans: Redgrave -! Jeans LQM metallic black - REDGRAVE (RGP0220002)
Sweater: ~Sassy! at Winter Fashion Fair~ - Sassy!~ Cozy sweater in pink - Winter Fair Gift ( free)
Hair: Tuty - TuTy's ADORABLE Updo hairstyle - Black
From inventory: Earrings - Mandala; Shoes- Maitreya; Bag - Septem Essentia

Bye bye, Nic

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