Thursday, December 20, 2012

and there they go

And there they go. Nic and the horse. Nic wears new free boots, a groupgift  from Pirate Arts Fashion Group. Her short sweater is from the Hunting for Winter hunt. A green and red sweater is in the package. Nic's hair is from the free ball at the beach from Analog Dog. The purse is from marketplace.
Nothing more to say, just that Nic looks cute isn't it?

Oh something more to say. There is a new groupgift at Foppish. This cute X-mas jacket.

Jacket: Foppish - [Foppish GG]Pleated Liner Leather Jacket{Xmas}( free)
Sweater: Yulize -[y] Christmas Sweaters Red ( free)
Purse:  A.M.K.R  - A.M.K.R. FREE Porch
Hair: Analog Dog - Analog Dog freeball ging paprika ( free)
Boots:=PIA= -  =PIA=(WEAR) bag Biker Star Boots black
Socks: Gawk at FROST - Gawk! Black Norwegian Knit Socks
From inventory: Skirt- mon tissu

Bye bye, Nic

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